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Business Trends that will Continue Post Covid

Business Trends That Will Continue in the Post-Covid-19 Era

How the pandemic has disrupted the way people work and do business was unimaginable. From years of technological research and analysis, organizations were able to push through major changes in employee management, operations, and customer experience in just a few months.
We have seen businesses pivot and adapt to the changing landscape through innovative experiences that cater to the needs of their teams and customers in the new normal.

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Why B2B Companies Need Social Media Marketing

Do B2B Companies Need Social Media Marketing Too?

In the era of online reviews, hybrid work, and TikTok resumes, B2B companies are starting to realize the need to develop strong social media presence. In addition, the pandemic has pushed various industries to take advantage of modern technology to build uninterrupted connections with their teams, clients, and suppliers. This means that a thriving enterprise is one that can adapt as quickly to the changing landscape of business technology and communications.

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