Month: May 2015

Website re-launch for sought-after development

CLAIRMONT, ALBERTA (May 14, 2015) – Today Westshield Developments Ltd. announced the website relaunch of their Northfield Landing residential project in Clairmont, Alberta.  The redesigned site offers detailed information about all aspects of the family-based development, including the recent opening of sales for Phase 2, announced after strong demand left Phase 1 almost completely sold out. The site details the key attributes that have buyers so interested: peaceful surroundings, affordable family living and close proximity to work, school and recreation. The updated site provides convenient online access to available lots, community maps, preferred builders, investor information, and contact information...

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At NotMine, every belt means one less landmine.

New ethical clothing company removes one landmine for every belt they sell. November 2014 – Livestyle just launched its first project: NotMine. Livestyle is a global medium used by designers of change for designers of change. Its mission is to support consumers to be the change they want to see in their world. NotMine offers buyers the opportunity to sponsor the removal of a landmine for each belt they purchase, helping eliminate the remnants of war that continue to terrorize millions of people around the world. Made of ecologically treated leather, each belt is stamped with the number of...

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4 Things Top Brands Do Differently

4 things top brand do differently.pptx from Symbicore Great brands are operationalized. They’re built to do what they say and say what they do. When a brand delivers on its promise consistently and well, customers view them as authentic, trustworthy, likeable and, ultimately, valuable. Those who manage such successful brands know 4 things that others don’t: what their customers value, how to turn customers into brand ambassadors, how to live by their mission statements and how to create a powerful organizational culture. Your customers go first It’s surprising how often this seemingly obvious rule gets overlooked. When you have a deep understanding of your customer, their daily realities, desires and needs, you can offer the right solutions, in the right locations, at the right price. Most importantly, you can create a relationship between your brand and your consumer that has immediate bottom-line impact and long-term results. Focusing more on business realities than your audience will result in failure, every time. Knowing your customer is the not-so-secret yet too often disregarded ingredient for brand success. Your customers are your best ambassadors Understanding and creating solid relationships with your audience is key if you want to turn your customers into brand evangelists, and your goal should be to do just that. Now more than ever consumers are sharing their brand experiences with others, whether good or bad. A positive relationship with...

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