How a Real Estate Brokerage Sold a Property Over its Market Value Through Strategic Targeting

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Industry: Real Estate 

Location: Canada 


2021 is the seller’s market in the Canadian real estate scene. With very competitive housing prices and record-low interest rates, residential homeowners are trying to make the most out of their properties.  

The client, a boutique real estate brokerage in Canada, worked with a seller who wants to price their property at the top of the current market rate. The brokerage listed the property for 60 days to no avail. Knowing that the longer the property stays on the market the less appealing it becomes, the brokerage came to Symbicore for assistance. 

The Challenge 

The seller’s price point proves to be one of the biggest hurdles of this campaign. Given the property’s specifications, we recognize that it was priced at the top of the market rate with no comparable. 

In addition, user targeting was another challenge. With specific demographic qualifications such as location and income, the target audience becomes very narrow. 

The Solution 

Google might be the most powerful ad platform but it can be extremely costly and congested. Hence, Symbiore’s decision to launch a programmatic ad campaign using secondary ad networks.  

Symbicore targeted users through their browsing history, apps used, and demographics. We programmed these ads to appear on multiple devices, connected TVs, and across various mobile apps. 

Our Strategy: 

Comprehensive Ad Targeting Solution that includes: 

Demographic Targeting
Search Targeting
Browsing History Targeting
Cross-Device Targeting
App Targeting

Our Execution: 

Advertising Solutions: 

Connected TV
Video Advertising
Search Advertising
Website Banners

The Results 

Ad reached over 213,000 impressions in a week.

With a total ad spend of just a little over $60, the ad reached over 213,000 impressions in a week. The ad generated 231 clicks and from these, the brokerage received multiple inquiries and a couple of offers from interested buyers. 

By the end of the first week of the campaign, the seller closed the deal with a buyer who purchased the property at its list price

Based on these results, we recommend looking into other ad platforms outside of Google to maximize resources and expand the reach of your ads. Call Symbicore to help you develop effective advertising strategies. 

Case Study: Real Estate Sold Within Week Via Strategic Ads
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Case Study: Real Estate Sold Within Week Via Strategic Ads
The client, a boutique real estate brokerage in Canada successfully sold a property in a week with the help of Symbicore by strategic targeting Ads
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Symbicore Inc.
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