At NotMine, every belt means one less landmine.

New ethical clothing company removes one landmine for every belt they sell.

November 2014 – Livestyle just launched its first project: NotMine. Livestyle is a global medium used by designers of change for designers of change. Its mission is to support consumers to be the change they want to see in their world.

NotMine offers buyers the opportunity to sponsor the removal of a landmine for each belt they purchase, helping eliminate the remnants of war that continue to terrorize millions of people around the world.

Made of ecologically treated leather, each belt is stamped with the number of landmines left in the world. The number counts down as each belt is sold, making each one unique. NotMine documents each detonation and sends the customer the video of the removal of the mine they have sponsored.

Buy your belt today at FundedByMe and help rid the world of dangerous landmines!

NotMine’s fresh new website was developed by Symbicore, a global branding, marketing, and digital design partner to trusted businesses around the world. Symbicore also developed the company’s logo, brand guidelines, social media and digital strategy. Contact Symbicore at [email protected] to learn more about how to grow your business and consolidate your marketing strategy.

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Donovan Fowke

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