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Are You Running Ads for Your Business? Here’s Why You Should. 

Ads are a powerful complement to your online marketing strategy. Think of gears that move in unison to power up a machine. This machine is your overall marketing plan. With one gear missing, even the tiniest one, your equipment will encounter malfunctions and the whole production line might be put to a halt. It doesn’t

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The Fractional CMO: Company’s New Marketing Secret Weapon

Need to read later? Get this article emailed to you here Chief marketing officers, or CMOs, are responsible for driving growth, and leading marketing planning, strategy development, and activity execution. The CMO manages and oversees all marketing activities throughout the company. The CMO needs to have a broad understanding of brand development, sales management, product,

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Everything You Need to Know About Working with a Fractional CMO

According to statistics, 68 percent of US businesses utilize third-party service providers to perform internal roles. Further to this, large companies are 66 percent more likely to hire external contractors than smaller companies. The changes in the business landscape have continuously called for the adoption of new ways of doing work which include outsourcing, subcontracting,

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5 Website Development Mistakes that Hinder Your Business Growth

Get this article emailed to you here Every business understands the power of a website and the ability to tell your brand story, interact with clients globally, as well as showcase your myriad of products and/or services. Your website is accountable for nearly 95% of a users’ first impression. From web shopping, to marketing, and

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How a Non-Profit Organization Successfully Launched a Sustainable Project

Industry: Non-profit  Location: Canada  Overview The client, a non-profit organization focused on mental health wellness, will launch an online learning platform to provide accessible mental health, well-being, and recovery resources. The learning platform will offer free and on-demand interactive courses, downloadable activities, and an online forum to support its participants. Prior to Symbicore’s involvement, the client

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How to Effectively Track and Utilize Digital Marketing Channels of B2B Companies

According to the study conducted by Salesforce, 59 percent of sales reps have missed their quotas in 2018. This number increases year on year as companies fail to fill their pipe-drives with qualified leads at every level. Together with unmet quotas, the tenure for VP of Sales has been on a steady decline for the

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How a Real Estate Brokerage Sold a Property Over its Market Value Through Strategic Targeting

Industry: Real Estate  Location: Canada  Overview 2021 is the seller’s market in the Canadian real estate scene. With very competitive housing prices and record-low interest rates, residential homeowners are trying to make the most out of their properties. The client, a boutique real estate brokerage in Canada, worked with a seller who wants to price their property

How a Real Estate Brokerage Sold a Property Over its Market Value Through Strategic Targeting Read More »

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UI/UX Designer

Olivia Akulich
Minsk, Belarus

Olivia specializes in UX/UI design to deliver online customer experiences and user journeys that are innovative as well as intuitive. With an emphasis on style complimented with functionality, Olivia designs to ensure everything not only looks good, but importantly, works well – essential for creating value for clients and their customers alike.

Founder & President

Donowan Fowke

Winnipeg, Canada

Chief Strategy Officer & Partner

Alan Boyd

Operations Director

Barindra Nath
Minsk, Belarus

Bari’s CV reads like a who’s who of international company experience, best-in-class business certifications and methodologies, and an all-round knowledge and experience of technology and processes, he would put us all to shame. With that he manages and maintains commitment and delivery across all departments and teams. So essentially for us, he’s our operations quarterback ensuring that all plays are in place, and everyone and everything gets to the end zone on-time, in-budget, and with sanity’s intact!

Marketing Specialist

Stanislav Dylenok

Minsk, Belarus

Work as digital marketing team-lead specialist for canadian clients in Symbicore’s team, providing strategic marketing for customers in fields of christian education, logistics, realty business, IT, and etc
I graduated from the IPM course (under the CIM program) “Marketing Professional” as the best in the group. I also have a diploma in working with key employees of client firms (Up & Up course). At the moment I am undergoing training in CIM on the specialty “Digital marketing Strategy”

Senior Developer

Andrey Mikhaltsov
Minsk, Belarus

As Senior Developer, Andrey leads our development department, and when not coding and testing himself, he oversees the work of the development team in delivering robust, efficient, and secure solutions that deliver real value for clients and company. Specializing in PHP but always with an inquisitive and learning eye on other languages and frameworks, Andrey looks to expand the horizons of what’s possible with code, so that our customers can be sure they’re ahead of the game, and in front of audiences everywhere – online, on mobile and in-cloud.


Inna Gutsaliuk
Minsk, Belarus

Specializing in WordPress, Inna codes and develops websites of increasing complexity with inherent simplicity. Not only to ensure our clients have the most effective and functional presence online, but their customers have the best user-centric experience possible, Inna works with a can-do attitude and a will-do work ethic.

SEO specialist

Gary Singh

Gary is responsible for managing Organic SEO campaigns for all the projects. That includes strategic planning and implementation of various optimization techniques on client sites to increase their online organic traffic. He has strong command in Organic SEO for Google, Online Reputation Management and Technical audits for website performance.

Art Director

Anna Kozlova
Minsk, Belarus

With in-depth and comprehensive experience in all aspects of design, both online and off, Anna heads our design department in delivering exceptional design-led communications, imagery, and iconography. Working quickly and iteratively, whilst keeping the focus on the end-user, she generates concepts and ideas that have meaning as well as purpose.

QA Specialist

Aleksey Ermak

Minsk, Belarus

Aleksey is a quality assurance specialist whose activities are aimed at improving the software development process, preventing defects and identifying errors in the product.

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Graphic Designer

Victoria Petrova

Minsk, Belarus

Victoria a graphic designer with more than 17 years of experience in the field of packaging design from concept to production and accompanying promotional products and printed materials (flyers, leaflets, brochures, booklets, catalogs, posters, banners). She also proficient in prepress, color separation layouts, supervision of the implementation of projects (print labels, packaging, tubes), rebranding and layout correction, elaboration of the elements of corporate identity (logo, business cards, letterheads, postcards, calendars), and others.

Project Manager

Diana Albakri

Minsk, Belarus

Diana is responsible for process and quality control, planning and prioritizing tasks on a daily basis to assure that we are meeting our deadlines and keeping our clients satisfied, as well as handling the internal and external communication.

Financial Business Analyst

Ulyana Grib

Minsk, Belarus

Marketing Specialist

Camille Aguila

Winnipeg, Canada

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