Automation Tools Your Business Needs Now

Have you ever spent hours of valuable time manually sifting through purchases, inquiries, follow-ups, and confirmation emails? We all recognize that this part of work is necessary, but by doing everything manually, you lose the opportunity to focus on tasks geared to grow your business. 

When it comes to efficiency, automation is the heart and soul of your processes. Although installing and learning how to operate a suitable system may require extra time, once you get the necessary procedures in place, automation allows you to manage your business with little effort. 

Automation Tools Your Business Needs Now - Symbicore


An automated system simplifies the processes by triggering a response based on both your team and your customer behaviours.  

Here are some of the most common tasks you can automate: 

Automation Tools for CRM + Sales

Customer relationship management can segment your customer list based on various categories, such as business touchpoints they interacted with, where they are in the sales funnel, purchase value, and more. A segmented email list allows you to send highly targeted messages, driving more conversions to your marketing and sales strategies. 

Additionally, sales process automation enables you to set up highly valued appointments and reminders to both sales teams and clients. 

Common CRM software include HubspotSalesforce, and Pipedrive

Automation Tools for Communications

Chatbots provide a gateway for your prospective customers to interact with your channels any time of the day. Setting up a knowledge database of FAQs will also eliminate answering every single inquiry manually. It’s a self-serve station for prospects and existing customers. 

The most common chatbot software include ManyChatChatBot, and Drift

Emails, whether a marketing campaign, newsletter, confirmation, or follow-up, can be automated based on customer behaviours as well. 

For email automation, some of our favourites include MailchimpConstant Contact, and Hubspot

Automation Tools for Billing

Businesses can automate the sending of invoices, receipts, and payment reminders, especially for recurring services. These processes are automated by integrating data exchange and storage on the first transaction. Once data is stored and the system has been set up, you can expect payments to your bank account with little intervention. 

FreshbooksQuickbooksZoho Invoice, and other online accounting software make the billing process quick and easy. 

Automation Tools for Social Media Management

Batch posting makes the life of every business owner and marketer easy. Through social media scheduling tools, you can create a month’s worth of content and let it fire up on your chosen schedule. Beyond scheduling, these tools offer analytics as well, allowing you to see your audience demographics, the prime time they are most engaged, and the types of content they prefer.   

HootsuiteBufferPlanoly, and Later are some of the most used social media management tools. 

Automation Tools for Digital Advertising

Despite changes in tracking capabilities and third-party cookies, digital ad spending is continuously on the rise.  

According to emarketer, Insider Intelligence “The US programmatic digital display ad market will pass the $100-billion mark by 2022, as third-party cookie deprecation looms closer.” 

US Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending, 2019-2023

Using automation tools helps you customize and manage your ads while staying within your budget. Aside from AI reporting and analytics, advertising automation enables businesses to strategically target and segment audiences, schedule campaigns, manage ad bids, and keep up with search engines with less work. 

SemrushGoogle Ads, and Wordstream are some of the commonly used PPC ads management systems. 

Taking advantage of the latest innovation in business tools and automation may sound daunting but once you are set up, you can expect it to do most of your work. 

Need help? The availability of these automation tools plus their varying features and prices will require time and learning. Symbicore Inc. has a team of dedicated professionals who are knowledgeable in business tools and marketing technology. We can assist you in identifying your needs and setting up effective tools to automate your processes.  

Call us now at 204-808-8070 to book your free consultation.

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