More and more companies are looking outside their boundaries to fulfill a variety of business functions, including delegating their marketing activities to experienced consultants as a way to optimize costs and increase measurable outcomes from their marketing goals.

Tactically speaking, the launch of a new brand, product or marketing campaign is critical to a firm’s success. The brand building process is extensive, integrated, and requires an experienced marketing team that some businesses may not have at their disposal. According to the Harvard Business Review, 53% of marketing executives are planning to externalize their marketing activities.

Expert staffing

The cost of acquiring quality talent for small and medium sized companies is often prohibitive. The diversity of talent needed to fully execute and measure a successful marketing campaign can be overwhelming. Hiring an experienced consultancy gives these companies access to the breadth and diversity of talent they need to get ahead in the marketplace. In addition, hiring an experienced marketing team can help ensure customer relationships remain robust as well as ensuring the end user sees the intended value of the campaign.

Employment costs

Operating costs are the Achilles’ heel of most businesses. The costs associated with hiring just one experienced marketing manager can seem insurmountable for most small and medium-sized organizations. Experienced consultants can scale their solutions to meet both your marketing efforts and employments costs. By utilizing a consultant, your business will be able to work without a marketing manager and navigate marketing challenges with minimal cost to the organization.

Strategic perspective

Neutrality is often your best ally when developing marketing strategies and solutions. Externalizing your marketing efforts can bring coherence to the multiple visions within your organization and centralize the work with a disciplined and strategic execution plan.


One of the most beneficial outcomes of externalizing marketing efforts is timely execution of marketing goals. Time is a precious asset when aligning all the activities needed to create and maintain a sound business plan. With the awareness that planning is a fundamental process for business growth, you cannot afford to delay the creation, refinement and execution of your business plan.

Planning and monitoring

Defining goals is essential to produce measurable outcomes for your company. The progress of any plan must be soundly implemented, monitored, tested and revised accordingly. By externalizing their marketing, companies benefit from the flexibility to adjust the plan without the bias of internal judgments.

Achieving your business goals can be an arduous process without an experienced marketing team, and almost impossible if you don’t have the bandwidth for planning, executing and measuring your efforts. This very delicate balancing act can often be made seamless with the utilization of experienced consultants.

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